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ReSpeaker 6 Mic Array for Raspberry Pi

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The ReSpeaker 6 Mic Array for Raspberry Pi is a Pi hat with 6 microphones, 2 audio output channels and 2 loopback channels. The 2 loopback channels can be used for Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC). It has two parts, the main part and the mic array part.

There are several algorithms such as DOA, VAD, NS and KWS we can use with the 6 mic array.

If you are looking for a custom shape mic array, you may try Seeed's Fusion service to design a new one. It should be easy.

Sound Source Localization & Tracking

ODAS is a very cool project to perform sound source localization, tracking, separation and post-filtering. Let's have a try!

  1. get ODAS and build it

    sudo apt-get install libfftw3-dev libconfig-dev libasound2-dev
    git clone
    mkdir odas/build
    cd odas/build
    cmake ..
  2. get ODAS Studio from and open it. You can run ODAS Studio on a computer or the Raspberry Pi.

    The odaslive will be at odas/bin/odaslive, the config file is respeaker_6_mic_array.cfg. Change card = 1 based on your sound card number.

    interface: {
        type = "soundcard";
        card = 1;
        device = 0;

    If you run the ODAS Studio on a computer, you should also need to change IP address from to the IP of the computer.