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The ReSpeaker Project


The website is still under construction

The ReSpeaker project provides hardware components and software libraries to build voice enabled device.


The hardware components include I2S 2 microphone array, I2S 4 microphone array, USB 6+1 microphone array, ReSpeaker Core 7688.

USB 6+1 Mic Array 4 Mic Array for Pi 2 Mic Array for Pi MT7688 Core USB 4 Mic Array
Microphones 7 4 2 1 4
Shape circular square rectangle circular circular
Interface USB I2S I2S WiFi USB
RGB LEDs 12 12 3 12 12
Audio Output Mono NA Stereo Stereo Mono
Note built-In audio processing algorithms on-baord ATmega32U4 for Arduino compatible usage, touch sensor coming soon


Audio processing algorithms including VAD, DOA, Beamforming, NS, AEC and KWS are available and are evolving rapidly.