Interact With The World
Just Using Your Voices

What is ReSpeaker?

ReSpeaker is an open modular voice interface to hack things around you. Let you interact with your home appliances, your plant, your office, your internet-equipped devices or any other things in your daily life, all by your voice.

Set Your Hands Free

With online and offline Speech Recognition.

Installation-free App

Set all things up on Web-based App.

Wireless Streaming

Stream music using Airplay/DLNA.

Easy-to-use SDK

Support Python and C/C++.

Growing Features

Download the plug-in to enrich its features and functionalities.

Plug-n-play Add-ons

Extendable with Mic Array, Dynamic Speaker Module and more.


Hacking things around us with ReSpeaker.

Smart Decorative Cloud

Smart Home

Voice Interactive Office


Talking Flowers


Smart Photo Album


DIY Voice Controlled WiFi Speaker


Voice Robot - Hacking PAPIRO